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Hot Dog Wrap Olé
Courtesy of Kraft Kitchens
Servings: 8
Prep Time: 8 Min.
Cook Time: 7 Min.
What you need:
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+ 1 pkg. (16 oz.) OSCAR MAYER Selects Uncured Angus Beef Franks
+ 8 whole wheat tortillas (6 in.), warmed
+ 8 KRAFT 2% Milk Pepperjack Singles
+ 1 c. shredded lettuce
+ 1 c. TACO BELL® Thick & Chunky Salsa
What to do:
1. Heat grill to medium heat.
2. Grill franks 7 to 9 min. or until heated through, turning occasionally.
3. Top tortillas with 2% Milk Singles, lettuce, franks and salsa; roll up.

* Serving Suggestion: Serve with carrot and celery sticks.

* Variation: Prepare using OSCAR MAYER Selects Uncured Premium Franks made with Turkey, Pork and Chicken, and KRAFT 2% Milk American Singles.

* How to Warm Tortillas On Grill: Wrap tortillas in heavy-duty foil. Place on grill with franks. Grill just until warmed, turning occasionally.

* Recipe courtesy of Kraft Kitchen
Nutritional information:
Calories: 330;   Total Fat: 21g;   Saturated Fat: 8g;   Cholesterol: 45mg;   Total Carbs: 20g;   Fiber: 1g;   Sugar: 2g;   Protein: 14g;   Sodium: 1130mg;